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"Jane led an executive team of diverse individuals at Custom Interface, Inc.. Through her leadership and guidance, we developed true respect of each other, an understanding of how to positively interact with one another and as a team, while learning to value and to benefit from differing perspectives. Gaining these skills was critical to the success of our company. Jane is an enthusiastic person who thrives on helping other people to be their best."
Tammara Tippel
Manager of Human Resources
"I worked with Jane at Intel and I could always count on her to deliver solutions that made a positive impact. Jane understood how to work well with everyone from executives on down and was a valued business partner."
Leslie Dorosin
Co-Executive Director Grove Foundation
"Jane is a natural when it comes to conflict resolution.  At Clark College I witnessed more than once her innate ability to proactively identify conflict, and work with people to get both sides to come to a resolution that worked.  She is a good listener, direct and gets things done."
Dr. Tim Cook
Vice President of Instruction
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